Full Spectrum Chai


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Concentration: High (50mg/ml)

This whole flower hemp oil tincture takes a whole flower concentrate and blends it with organic MCT coconut oil and essential oils to create a potent tincture containing a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Chai: Organic MCT coconut oil, hemp flower extract, cardamon, cinnamon, clove, black pepper organic essential oils.

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Chai: Organic MCT coconut oil, hemp flower extract, cardamon, cinnamon, clove, black pepper organic essential oils.

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All Green River Botanicals tinctures and oils are extracted using a state of the art supercritical CO2 extraction method. This process involves starting with gaseous CO2 and transforming it into a liquid by cooling it to under -69°F and applying 75 pounds of pressure per square inch. The extract is then winterized to remove wax and lipids. The remaining extract is then gently heated under vacuum to purge any remaining ethanol, leaving you with the purest product available.

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30ml, 10ml, 4ml dram

3 reviews for Full Spectrum Chai

  1. Damini

    I absolutely love this tincture! The chai flavor is so good. I take it at night for sleep, and sometimes put it in my morning tea for muscle aches. It’s the best CBD product I’ve tried!

  2. Alan Mumford

    I had never even thought of trying CBD for joint relief, especially in the shoulders, and am I glad to find Green River. I use the Chai, as prescribed for the last 2 months, and see a real difference in ease of movement and extent of range in the shoulder region with activity.
    Love that something so organic can give this relief!
    I would recommend it to anyone that has the same distress and looking for alternatives to medicine.

  3. dragonfolk (verified owner)

    I’m beyond delighted with Green River Botanicals CBD Oil and the trust I have in the expertise and integrity in its creation is strong!
    I found my sweet spot dosage quickly, within a day or two.
    Lower back pain relief was my focus, and it has allowed me to reduce by more than half the Ibuprofen I’d relied upon. At 67, extending my 40 years as a dedicated runner is of high importance.
    But the easing of anxiety is a golden benefit I did not expect. Truly a life changer – I’m a grateful customer for life!
    Carrie L. Rutherford

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What people are saying about Green River Botanicals

My boyfriend lives in Asheville and several months into our relationship, after witnessing my terrible bouts with debilitating migraines AND my dependence on sleep aids for insomnia, he suggested I try the cbd tincture from Green River Botanicals. Since it helped relieve him of chronic shoulder pain and tennis elbow, he felt certain it could help me. I was quite skeptical as I literally had tried everything under the sun. After 14 years and 3 neurologists, daily heavy duty pharmaceuticals with very undesirable side effects, migraine supplements, restrictive diets, 33 shots in my head/neck/shoulders every three months for years and years…I had reached a breaking point. I could no longer afford the shots I needed and I was desperate for relief. I decided to give cbd a try, and thankfully, it has helped me tremendously. I have now been taking GRB cbd twice daily for a year and I am doing remarkably well. It has been 15 months since my last migraine shots… and I am doing better than I have in 15 years… down from an average of 17 migraines per month to only 1-2 a month! I am absolutely amazed!!! I have also been able to discontinue Ambien for sleep. Thankful because I was very uneasy being so dependent on it. Green River Botanicals cbd has been a game changer for me. And the fact that GRB is certified USDA organic, sustainably farmed and grown locally only adds to my confidence in the quality of their products and their company as a whole.      -K. Morgan

Kristin Walker Morgan

I truly believe in the mission of transparency that Green River Botanicals has offered with their products. I am confident in the safety of their products as well as the quality. Since finding my right dose and adhering to my schedule, I am now 100% off of my prescriptions.

Wendy Clements
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