Full Spectrum Lemon Ginger


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High Concentration: 50mg/ml

This whole flower hemp oil tincture takes a whole flower concentrate and blends it with organic MCT coconut oil and essential oils to create a potent tincture containing a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Lemon Ginger: Organic MCT coconut oil, full spectrum hemp flower concentrate, organic lemon and ginger essential oils

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Lemon Ginger: Organic MCT coconut oil, hemp flower extract, organic essential oils (lemon, ginger, bergamot)

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All Green River Botanicals tinctures and oils are extracted using a cryogenic ethanol method. This method extracts and purifies the full spectrum of flower cannabinoids and terpenes using an organic non-denatured ethanol cooled to -30°. Chlorophyll, lipids and waxes are also removed during this process. The remaining oil is then gently heated under vacuum to purge any remaining ethanol, leaving you with the purest product available.

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30ml, 10ml, 4ml dram

1 review for Full Spectrum Lemon Ginger

  1. Betty

    This is my new favorite thing! I’m new to CBD and this tincture has really helped me with general anxiety. The lemon ginger flavor tastes great too.

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I truly believe in the mission of transparency that Green River Botanicals has offered with their products. I am confident in the safety of their products as well as the quality. Since finding my right dose and adhering to my schedule, I am now 100% off of my prescriptions.

Wendy Clements
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