Adding CBD to your wellness regime is a simple way to kick start a healthier, more active life. But for many, the overwhelming number of brands on the market can make the search for identifying the best CBD product for you daunting. If you’re new to CBD and unsure of where to start, our Best Practices guide will help you break down three common CBD products and how to use them so you can be a bona fide connoisseur in no time. 


Perhaps among the most popular of cannabidiol products is CBD oil, thanks to its supreme versatility. When taken orally, a CBD oil tincture can help alleviate aches and pains, balance the body’s central nervous system, decrease inflammation, and regulate mood levels. With so many brands on the market, the hunt for the right tincture can be intimidating. One easy place to start is to check the potency ratio displayed on the bottle. Green River Botanicals’ USDA certified organic CBD oil packs a whopping 1500mg of CBD per ounce bottle, meaning a little goes a long way. Experts recommend starting with a serving of .25ml twice a day, and increasing the dosage to 1ml over a few weeks’ time. If you’re searching for a universal CBD product, a high-quality CBD tincture may be your best option. 

CBD Salve

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re in pain. Instead of taking CBD orally and waiting for it to travel through your nervous system, try a soothing herbal salve. When applied topically, CBD salve acts like a magic sponge, absorbing all your aches and pains straight from the source. In recent years, CBD salve has become a crowd favorite among arthritis sufferers, athletes with demanding workout regimens, and people who are prone to eczema or other skin conditions. Pro-tip: CBD salve is an excellent remedy to localized muscle soreness induced by the flu or COVID-19 vaccine. 

CBD Flower

Loose hemp flower and pre-rolls are a cost effective alternative to CBD oil. If you enjoy the activity of smoking and are looking for a tobacco-less solution, look no further. When inhaled, high-quality hemp flower offers a rejuvenating effect perfect for taking the edge off a long day. Its stress-relieving properties and terpene-rich flavor profile are a popular go-to for CBD aficionados and novices alike. For a quick wellness boost, enjoy one of Green River Botanicals’ hemp flower pre-rolls. These convenient delights are as foolproof as they come; simply light it up, and get to feeling better fast.