CBD is becoming increasingly popular among holistic health enthusiasts, and for good reason. One bottle of full-spectrum hemp oil with CBD holds a world of possibilities when it comes to supporting you on your wellness journey. Many users are already familiar with the conventional uses for CBD, such as alleviating pain or providing relief from anxiety, but CBD can provide a wealth of other benefits. Today we’re sharing three surprising uses for full-spectrum hemp oil with CBD that even the most experienced devotees may not know.

Turn CBD Oil Into a Topical Treatment

There’s no shortage of topical CBD products on the market today, from lotion to salve. But if you’re in a pinch and in need of a DIY solution that won’t compromise results, try mixing your own full-spectrum hemp oil with any lotion or balm of your choosing. Applying this mixture to sore or inflamed areas has proven to alleviate discomfort.

Apply CBD Oil Orally to Alleviate Tooth and Gum Pain

If you struggle with inflamed or receding gums, have a toothache, or are looking to combat odor-causing bacteria, CBD can do wonders for your oral health. Applying hemp oil directly to the teeth and gums, especially just before flossing, can help fight inflammation, strengthen the gums, and neutralize bacteria. Research has shown that our body contains its own natural cannabinoid receptors that bind to CBD when introduced to our internal systems. This same rule applies whether you’re ingesting CBD internally or using it as a topical treatment within the mouth. Because our mouth contains its own unique microbiome, CBD’s antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe and regulate bacteria within our teeth, gums, and tongue. 

Dab CBD Oil On the Skin to Heal Breakouts Fast

One common pain point among acne sufferers is dry, irritated skin. Often, the medication used to treat this pesky condition can lead to even more inflammation than before. If you’ve scoured the aisles of your local pharmacy looking for a miracle remedy, you may want to give CBD a try. New promising data suggest that full-spectrum CBD and CBG-infused oil can be an effective spot treatment for acne and other common skin conditions. Because CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, it is no wonder that it would be conducive for targeting breakouts. Dab a pea sized amount on any trouble areas before bed, and allow the CBD oil to soothe and heal your skin without any irritating side effects.