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Green River Botanicals Herbal Relief Salve is a soothing CBD infused blend of organic shea butter, coconut oil, rose hips, arncia, calendula, boswellia, and vanilla, combined with all natural beeswax and vitamin E to bring you a relaxing and rejuvenating topical.

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750 mg CBD in a 1oz. jar.

4 reviews for Herbal Relief Salve

  1. Robin Warren (verified owner)

    I got to try a sample of this and purchased my first jar at a MKB show. I am pro cannibis, but was skeptical if cbd would work topically. Was I gratefully surprised! I took that little jar with me everywhere I went and encouraged all my friends to try it. Then I gave all my people a jar for Christmas! Now my people are sharing it with their friends and families who want some for themselves. It smells wonderfully earthy. We use it daily for achy joints and muscles. I particularly encourage folks beginning to get a little age on them to try it. It’s amazing.

  2. Slaton Wheeler

    This stuff is great! We were using arnica most of the time for sore muscles and pains, but this is what we use now. It makes my dry skin feel really soft, and it smells good, too.

  3. Niecia Bullock

    The best! Picked up a jar at the Floyd Jam Yoga Festival and have been hooked every since. A little goes a long way.

  4. Laura Ingram

    I bought a little jar of this CBD salve while visiting North Carolina from California, and waited a while to open it. I have a lot of pain from arthritis in my thumbs and in my feet from bad orthotics. I tried this 750mg CBD salve, and it worked more than twice as well as the 400mg I’d been using — works faster, lasts longer. It took a while to soften it up, but this salve is doing the job and has lasted through several months of twice daily applications.

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