We all know there are no guarantees in life (except for the guarantee of change) but life has changed so rapidly lately-  on a global scale. Many of us deal with anxiety when things are stable, but now even those of us who usually feel carefree are experiencing worry, stress, and tension like never before. 

With COVID-19 shutting down schools, libraries, and restaurants, people are being affected in a number of ways, such as:

  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Living in close quarters with the whole family at once
  • Bored or restless kids home from school
  • Financial issues 
  • Worries about resources like food and paper products
  • Concerns about the health of loved ones
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Disruption of daily activities
  • Cancelation of travel plans

Any of those sound familiar? Yeah, us too. So here are some of the most helpful tips we’ve seen around the internet for relieving anxiety while we ride out this storm, how you can use CBD for anxiety, and some precautions we are taking at the farm. 

Tips for managing anxiety

  • Be intentional with your time: While some distraction might be a relief, Psychologist Dr. Jack O’Donnell suggests not simply distracting yourself from what’s going on. Instead, do things that are mindful and intentional like meditation, reaching out to friends, and sitting outside if you can. Distracting yourself too much may cause emotions to build up, but adding intentional activities to your day provides an outlet for emotions coming up during this time. If you’re home with kids, encourage them to write letters or draw pictures for loved ones, and check in with them about how they’re feeling.
  • Move your body: Many people who have been told not to report to work for some time are accustomed to a busy schedule, or lots of movement normally incorporated into their jobs. Gyms and yoga studios are closing. If you’re suddenly switching to couch mode after a normal routine of physical activity, this may make you more anxious. Try throwing yourself a dance party in the living room, taking a walk through your neighborhood, or doing an online yoga class. This is especially important for kids who normally participate on an athletic team at school or have frequent playdates.
  • Focus on the present, and the positives: It’s easy to get caught up in how things will play out in the future. Our society isn’t great with uncertainty, so it’s understandable to constantly try and get one step ahead of things. And while some planning is certainly necessary, take some time out to appreciate the present moment and think of what is going well. It can be as simple as appreciating the people around you, or being grateful for the meal on the table. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and hang it on the fridge as a reminder, step outside once a day and breathe some fresh air, or stop for three minutes and listen to your favorite song. Focusing on the positive won’t solve all your problems, but it will make them easier to face.

CBD for anxiety

People have been using CBD and hemp products for anxiety for years, and many say it helps reduce symptoms like elevated heart rate and insomnia. If you’re experiencing more of these feelings recently, you might want to try hemp oil or smokable hemp to get some relief. 

Current research  suggests that experimenting with CBD for anxiety is safe for most people, and that it may improve your mood by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. We recommend starting with a low dose and closely monitoring your reaction. (For a dosage guide to our products click here: https://greenriverbotanicals.com/lab-tests/)

If you’re experiencing general anxiety that interferes with your day to day activities, we recommend starting with a low dose in the morning. If you’re unable to fall asleep because of overactive thoughts, try adding it to your bedtime routine. When using hemp oil, apply under the tongue and give it about 30-40 minutes to take effect.


At GRB we are taking all of the precautions recommended by the CDC in order to continue to provide you with our usual high quality products and service. We are sanitizing surfaces frequently, washing our hands (of course) and limiting contact between staff. 

For the remainder of March, we are offering free shipping on all products, so that you don’t have to leave home for great hemp products. Just use the code HEMPATHOME when you check out. 

Be safe out there, and remember you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, and we can’t wait to see you all on the other side of this!