As an environmentally conscious company, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact and help with initiatives that are actively working to restore damaged environments. When we heard about One Tree Planted, we wanted to get involved. While this company has tree-planting restoration projects all over the world, one in particular felt close to home.

Florida is home to 37 state forests, each one of which provides a habitat for diverse wildlife, sustainable wood production, fresh air, and clean water. Every time a hurricane or a strong storm blows through the area, these forests are damaged, causing an unhealthy ecosystem,  wildfire activity, and outbreaks of southern pine beetles.

We love to act locally, but realize that sometimes the greatest need is often found somewhere else. While they are hundreds of miles from Asheville, the state forests of Florida seemed like a great place to send a tree donation. Many of us here have loved ones living farther south, and each hurricane season we see the damage and destruction left in the wake of the storms. As this destruction eventually makes wildfires more likely, the residents and wildlife in these areas could suffer unnecessary hardship if the forests are not properly restored. Imagine surviving a tropical storm or hurricane only to battle a wildfire later that year.

So we recently donated 200 trees to the organization for their Florida restoration project, where they plant a mix of species to support the diverse landscape of pine forests, wetlands, and ecosystems. We love what One Tree Planted is doing, and will continue to follow their efforts as they initiate projects in North America, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

If you know of any other organizations who are doing amazing projects like these, please reach out to us. We are committed to donating one tree for each product sold, and doing our part to reduce our impact on the planet.