A few weeks ago we talked about CBG (cannabigerol) and some of its possible benefits. Since then, we’ve been reading a lot more about this incredible compound. 

Could it help us in the fight against drug resistant bacteria and superbugs? Could it be a cure for certain cancers? Well. . . maybe!

Here’s what we’ve been learning:

CBG & “Superbugs”

After screening five different compounds from the cannabis plant, scientists found that CBG had antibiotic properties that could kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). MRSA is one of the most common superbugs that patients contract when they visit the hospital, and in lab tests CBG kills common MRSA microbes that cause repeat infections.

Researchers also tested this phenomena in animals. In one study, they found that CBG could cure mice of MRSA infections as effectively as a drug called vancomycin. These amazing discoveries show a lot of promise, and will hopefully reduce superbug incidents in hospitalized patients. 

CBG + CBC & Tumors

In Israel, researchers at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals found that two compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBC and CBG, exhibit anti-tumor properties. They tested the two compounds on human gastrointestinal cancer cells, finding that CBC and CBG induced high rates of necrosis (cell death) in the cancer cells when compared with other cannabis compounds. 

This could lead to huge breakthroughs in cancer research, particularly in the area of gastrointestinal cancer which is one of the most common worldwide. 

CBG & Other Cancers

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals also conducted a pre-clinical study on stomach and bone cancer cell lines. They found that CBG had an even greater anti-tumor effect than its counterpart CBGA (the acidic form of the compound). In the study, CBG induced necrotic effects on the cancerous cells.

What’s next?

It’s encouraging to see more research on cannabinoids these days, and with such promising results. We’re looking forward to the day when these cannabinoids become commonly used treatments, and until then we’ll have our google alerts on so we can keep you posted. We are also growing some high CBG hemp this year, and can’t wait to share it with you!

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