Green River Botanicals values transparency from stem to bottle. As a family owned business, we care deeply about our community and take every step necessary to ensure that our CBD products are nutrient-dense and of the highest-quality. We’ve done the research, and today we want to shine some light on BaOx – one of our newest hemp strains. Read more about BaOx, its properties, and why we chose this strain for Green River Botanicals’ CBD products down below.

What is BaOx?

BaOx (pronounced bay-ox) is a high-CBD profile hemp strain originally propagated by Colorado-based hemp breeder Centennial Seeds. It has become widely popular among CBD growers due to its durability, strong cannabinoid composition, and efficient growing time.

What are the properties of BaOx hemp?

One of the most notable characteristics of BaOx is its high CBD potency (usually between 9% and 14%) and low THC composition (consistently less than .3%). This makes BaOx an excellent choice for people looking for therapeutic benefits without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

Why does Green River Botanicals use BaOx hemp for its CBD products?

BaOx is a favorite hemp strain among the CBD community and cultivation experts nationwide. We love BaOx for its predictability, robustness, and high-cannabinoid potency. We also prefer BaOx for its unique terpene (aromatic) profile, which features both uplifting caryophyllene and sedating myrcene – making it an ideal selection for anytime use. We pride ourselves in crafting top-quality organic CBD tinctures, flowers, and prerolls and are proud to be adding the dynamic BaOx hemp strain to our product line.

Check out these photos of our beautiful BaOx hemp plants!