Happy New Year! As we welcome a new year and a new decade, many of you will have made resolutions and set intentions for the future. According to the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, approximately 55% of New Year’s resolutions are health-related. Another surprising finding comes from research conducted by Strata, a social network for athletes. They found that January 12th is the date that people are most likely to report failing at their resolution. That’s not even two weeks into the year!

But don’t beat yourself up if you find it hard to stick to your goals. Despite all the New Year’s hype, any day is a good day to start a new habit or set a health goal. We came up with three ways to use CBD that might help you create new health habits.

  1. Your Morning Ritual. For some, starting the morning on the right foot is the key to a successful day. A gratitude practice, a healthy breakfast, or a morning run are some examples of taking time for yourself before jumping into work, school, or family obligations. If you’re taking a full spectrum hemp product to help reduce anxiety, try adding it to your morning routine before any tension or worries set in. If you don’t have a routine yet, try creating one with a few drops of CBD tincture to begin the day feeling calm and centered.
  1. Night Time Mindfulness. Not everyone can commit to a morning routine. That’s ok, you can do it at night! After a hectic day, taking a few moments to let it all go can be extremely helpful. To begin, try taking a few drops of full-spectrum CBD tincture, or whatever product you prefer. Let it be like a signal to your brain that it’s time to relax. Then, sit in a quiet place or lie down in bed and try focusing on your inhales and exhales for 10 deep breaths. If that’s too hard, or your mind tends to wander, try listening to a relaxation meditation on one of the many apps or youtube videos that are available these days.
  1. Topical Application. At the end of the day, try using a bit of hemp salve on tense muscles to relax. Most of us go all day without much physical touch, and even giving yourself a quick neck or foot massage can go a long way. If you have someone who’s willing to give a CBD shoulder rub, even better! You might even be able to do this on a lunch break or between errands.

However you choose to take care of yourself in the new year, we hope you take time for yourself, and prioritize your health.

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